Jameson Daegan

Sept. 5, 2020, 3:51 p.m.

You don't want me to say more words

How dare.

How very dare.

Verily, how could she dare so?

The level of disrespect in this damn school. JD didn’t ask for much. Adoration wasn’t that hard to come by. Audience after audience gave him that this summer. Clearly, there was something in the water at Rocky Mountain International that turned his peers into monsters (he would avoid the same fate by getting fresh spring water bottles delivered by owl for the year).

Also, how dare Dakota Farnon imply that JD thought he was better than everyone else? He didn’t think that. He knew it. That was just a fact. His bank account, his wardrobe, and his career proved that. Was anyone else at this cave school an international superstar? No? Exactly.

The disrespect.

“So sorry for asking you, someone right here, a simple question.” JD said with mock sincerity. “I’m on a specific diet for reasons that are none of your business, and my agent decided this was the better call than putting the burden of my meal plan on the school. Besides,” he stared Dakota down with cold blue eyes, “You can’t accuse someone of acting better than others when you won’t even deign to help out a classmate who asked a simple question. Sounds like you’re the one who thinks you’re better than everyone else.”

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