Grayson Ioma

Oct. 13, 2019, 12:04 p.m.

But will there be thrice the vice?

Over the summer, Grayson and his brother had been comparing notes on portkey travel. Between the two of them they’d travelled by portkey eighteen times, and although neither of them had been taking literal notes (why had Grayson not thought to document the experience?), they remembered enough to be sort of useful.

Hunter particularly had been dogged about getting better at positioning himself while in transit. He was doing that so he could appear in cool poses, which was interesting enough, but Grayson was more interested in lading firmly on both feet, not falling over, and not being sick. His six previous trips had had only middling success.

It had been tricky because they couldn’t practice. Hunter had tried to show the younger (but now nearly the same height, hm) Grayson how he had managed with increasing success to shift himself after being yanked off through the aether, and after quite a while he finally had begun to feel he might manage to keep his dignity, sinuses, and stomach all in place.

He should have known better than to take advice from Hunter. He managed not to be sick, but it was a near thing.

He staggered over to the crackling Aquila fire and flomped down on his back, stretching his gangling limbs out on the floor while he waited for the world to slow it’s more traditional rate of spin.

”Hey, do you know anything about what’s on Pearl Street?”

Grayson replied to his roommate without lifting his head. After listing all the shops in the Pearl Street Mall he clarified, still without raising his head, “that’s in alphabetical order, of course. Once we visit I’ll be able to list them in order of spatial arrangement, which would probably be more useful.”

At this point he felt like the world’s motion relative to him was beginning to approach something reasonable, so he picked his head up and looked at Elliot. He hadn’t realized how much he had missed him over the summer. Exploring Pearl Street together sounded… more appealing than Grayson would have anticipated.

“Sounds like a fun challenge. I wonder if I can find a map anywhere…”

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