William Bloom

Sept. 5, 2020, 11:06 p.m.

Doing whatever dudes do

Will nodded as Drew spoke. He could admit to not knowing a whole that about his roommate’s love life, but he knew that they’d been together for a while. He didn’t know much in general about relationships and the only clear intimate connection he’d ever had had gone down the tubes. He had to admit that his knowledge was limited to the talk he’d had with his father when he’d started to hit puberty. But he also knew that girl’s took it a lot more seriously than dudes did.

“She took it hard?” He questioned, spooning a mouthful of something random into his mouth. It didn’t really matter what it was, but it had flavour and that was enough for the teenage boy. He had a fast enough metabolism that he was always hungry and as a result he’d eat just about anything that was but in front of him. He chewed thoughtfully and the fact of the matter was that if she took it hard, she probably wasn’t going to be real pleasant towards Drew anytime soon.

The next words out of the other teen’s mouth made him frown and pause. “Well,” he said, swallowing that mouthful and finally setting his plate down, losing all the appetite he’d managed to work up. “I was friends with Reagan first,” he wasn’t sure where he was going with this, hadn’t even managed to figure out whether or not he actually had anything useful to say. It just seemed like he definitely needed to say something. His mate was going through a hard time and he felt like he needed to say something, anything. “I honestly don’t know what would fix that. I just feel like I wasn’t even acknowledged, you know?”

The brown-haired boy lifted his shoulders in a shrug. “Maybe if I’d understood at the beginning or he’d at least let me know what was going on I’d have handled it better? I mean, did Darlene even see it coming, or did you just throw it at her?” Brown eyes focused on his friend. “I feel like if she didn’t see it coming it’s probably a lot worse for her? Like she thought it was all cool and then boom. Break up?”

He was sure that Drew hadn’t done it in a way that was purposefully mean, but breakups were never mean to the person who did them. It wasn’t always clear to the dumpee that they were being dumped for reasons they couldn’t control? Even if Drew had done it nicely, Darlene had probably been a little blindsided if everything had been going well between them. In fact, Will hadn’t even been aware there was an issue with the two of them. “I dunno, most guys I talk to say guys and girls can’t be friends anyway, which is a load of rubbish, but I feel like it’s even harder if it isn’t a mutual thing when you break up.”

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