Norah Nilssen

Sept. 5, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

I'm certain that this is ridiculous

Feeding someone a vegetable eggroll was not on the top of the list of things that Norah wanted to do over the term, but it beat wallowing in self pity. She was choosing to channel what was going on with her parents and her life into something significantly more productive. Anger. If she wanted to snot and snivel about the thing, she’d have done so and gotten no where with her father. Instead, the cold shoulder she’d been giving her parents all summer had left the strangest feeling in the air of the Nilssen home. Clearly, the boy wrapped in a fetal position was only sad because his older brother had gone away. She knew that his older brother had been at Rocky Mountain, but she couldn’t say that she had ever really interacted with the older student.

“No. My parents went and got me engaged without telling me.” She set her slightly icy stare on the boy beside her after he asked the question, clearly expecting her have had a jolly old summer like most people. If he wanted to play the depressed little boy, she could one up him in that game. She rolled her shoulders back and looked away, a small pout forming on her lips. “I’ve barely talked to them since they told me and I don’t fancy that I’ll do so anytime soon.”

His next line of questioning sent her for a tailspin. What exactly went on in this boy’s head? She stared at him dumfounded until he stopped speaking, wondering if he was actually crying at the idea of “killing a vegetable”. “You know meat comes from an animal right?” She asked, not moving an inch as she continued to stare. “The meat in most of these things? Comes from an animal that does scream when they kill it, just to strip its flesh and cook the meat so that you can lament over your carrot.”

The words were leaving her mouth quicker than usual and she realized that she was trying not to lose it. “But I suppose we don’t know if they can feel,” she relented. Even her own words sounded ridiculous, but the sight in front of her was so pathetic that she didn’t want to make the situation worse. “Although, if you do think about it, we pick the fruits and vegetables off of their tree or vine, or we dig them out of the ground. So technically, if they’ve been disconnected from their life source, then we did kill them quickly before they were cooked, right?”

The blonde took a bite of one of the other eggrolls, humming thoughtfully as she mused over the train of thought. “Say, do you think you can separate from your family roots like you would take an apple from a tree?” She set the fried food back onto the plate, dusting her fingers on the napkin she’d draped carefully over her knee. “If we can snap the roots off of an onion, why can’t we sever the ties we have? Is there some rule saying you always have to acknowledge who your family is?”

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