Hunter Ioma

Oct. 13, 2019, 1:41 p.m.

Who's keeping score?

After a summer of partying and “hanging out” with old friends from home and spending an abundance of time with his siblings, Hunter was, possibly for the first time, less than brimming with unabashed delight to be returning to RMI. It was still unclear if his sister would wind up coming to RMI or not, but he hoped so. He and Grayson had spent a lot of time over the summer working on power landings though, so hopefully they’d keep some semblance of sibling closeness during term.

He wasn’t going to let his reluctance to let go of Summer slow him down, though. While he was teaching Grayson how to power land, he had been working on leveling up himself. He was hoping this year he’d be able to land while moving, turning it into a sort of rolling-dive move and then spring up. He had been practicing by leaning on a rail as far forward as he could, letting go, and turning the fall into a roll. After more than a few painful pratfalls (which had gotten him some surprisingly positive attention from some of the girls he had been hanging out with), he had gotten pretty good at it. But you never really knew until you were sucked inside-out through a magical toothpaste tube and splatted out almost two thousand miles away.

As it happened, maneuvering himself into an unstable position while being slurped through the magic space hose to RMI was a lot easier than trying to get into a stable one. He popped into existence with a bit more diagonality than he ever had managed while practicing, but his feet were generally beneath him and he managed to twist his arm into the right position on the way down and turn it into what he imagined had to be a fairly spectacular roll, complete with one leg stretched out at the end in a sort of spider crouch. It was awesome.

Grinning at the handful of people around who were looking his way, the wiry sixteen year old hopped up to his feet and made his way over to the crackling green and brown fire with the sparkling dreamcatcher to take a seat. He clapped and cheered with the rest as Leo and Marley were named Head Boy and Girl, putting his fingers to his mouth to add a loud whistle to the din. He clapped Leo on the back when he made it back to the fire.

”Hang around long enough to become part of the furniture and they just start giving you titles.”

Hunter pondered this. As far as he was aware Leo wasn’t exactly the top of the class in transfiguration, and turning oneself into furniture seemed pretty difficult. It definitely sounded super useful though, not to mention cool, and Leo was pretty cool so Hunter didn’t have too hard a time believing he had managed it.

He wasn’t sure what the ideal way was to congratulate someone for becoming furniture, so he decided to go with a simple “Hey congrats man! That’s awesome!” And another playful shoulder nudge.

”Shame it doesn't really match my aesthetic.”

Hunter pondered this, as well. He wasn’t really sure what Leo meant by this, he thought the badge would make a rather dashing addition to Leo’s typical laid back look. Like a super-cool sheriff anti-hero from a western, or Han Solo, or something like that. Maybe Leo didn’t realize?

“I think it’d make you look kind of rakish, actually. Like a kick-ass lawman who’s not afraid to break a few rules in the pursuit of justice, y’know?” Hunter shrugged as Leo pocketed the badge. The house-elves had started to appear, and Hunter suddenly realized he was hungry. He grabbed a bowl of udon noodles and chopsticks with an emphatic thanks to the elf carrying the tray and started to chow down.

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