William Bloom

Sept. 6, 2020, 4:56 p.m.

But not cause one of us is gay

Drew’s words didn’t surprise Will much. Girls who caused drama after breakups always tended to be jilted ones that just couldn’t understand why their most beloved boyfriend had dumped them. His roommate was a good guy and he couldn’t see him doing this to spite the Knight girl in any way. But types like Darlene and that Dubois girl who’d graduated knew a certain life and Will was sure that a “break-up” wasn’t even in their vocabulary. Drew kept on though and his next words threw the teen into a tailspin.

If Will had been drinking something in that moment, he probably would have choked and died. Well, you’re into guys… ricocheted through his head like a 12' gauge bird shot had just ripped through his skull. He zoned out for a second, internal panic rising to defcon 1 within seconds. He put a quick tamp on that, thinking of anything but the words zooming through his brain, instead trying to focus back on what his roommate was saying to him.

It wasn’t like it wasn’t true. But he’d never really said it out loud before. And it had definitely never been said like that to him. “I-I mean, w-we’re friends?” He spluttered in response, as if that obviously answered every single question that Drew could have about the subject. It felt like his tongue had turned to goo in his mouth. But there was something Reagan said a long time ago that stood out as the obvious explanation. It was the only thing that kept an embarrassed stutter at bay. “Drew, most blokes don’t know I’m into that." He sighed, giving a half-hearted shrug. "It’s easy to just, not mention it and go around with girls like there’s never been any difference. It’s not like there’s any guy here who would see me the same way so it’s just easier.”

Saying that outloud, the Cetus knew how convoluted that was. He just wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing and so it was easier to well, not be himself. It was why he still flirted with girls and talked about his latest “crush” with the guys at Hogwarts. Here, no one really asked him those questions and now Drew was the only one to know any different. “It’s not that you can’t be friends with girls, it’s just you crossed that friend line with Darlene already, right? So, without good reason, she probably won’t want to step back into the friendzone. Especially if she doesn’t understand what went on in the first place.”

“You don’t deserve major backlash, it’s not like you dumped her to run straight to some other mot. But I wouldn’t expect any niceties from her for a bit.” He quirked a half smile. “Guess that’s the only thing about being the way I am. I don’t have to deal with the girl drama half as much as you.” He stared down at his hands for a second before looking back up. “If space to cool down didn’t work, maybe you need to sit down and talk with her? I mean, if Reagan could explain even a portion of what happened in his head, maybe I’d be okay with working towards getting back to a cordial acquaintance with him.” Will shrugged. “Could it really make things any worse? Sounds like you’re pretty much in the doghouse either way.”

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