Elliot Phippen

Oct. 20, 2019, 11:15 a.m.

Vice vice baby

That Grayson. He was so good at memorizing facts and stuff. Elliot’s memory was more visuo-spatial. Like once he’d played a game, he remembered where all the collectibles were, and his muscle memory for controls and combos was fantastic. It was a little harder in classes, though, if the professor just talked at them. It was easier to remember things Elliot seen written on the board, and easiest to remember things he had done himself. That was why practical lessons where they made potions and wrangled creatures and cast spells were so interesting, and why Astronomy and Cultural Studies and History of Magic were so tragically boring.

Anyway, Grayson must know about Pearl Street from Hunter. Being the oldest kid in his family, Elliot didn’t have an inside (outside?) source on Pearl Street that wasn’t, yknow, twenty years out of date. Clearly Grayson had gotten a full report from his brother and was just as ready to go topside as Elliot was.

“We should go, like, tomorrow,” Elliot proposed. “I have two years worth of allowance to spend,” because it wasn’t like he had anywhere else to spend it, being stuck underground most of the year. He wasn’t sure what there was to buy on Pearl Street that he’d want (mostly he spent his allowance on games, which obviously wasn’t going to happen here), but that was beside the point, “and I’ll lose my mind if I ever have to go more than a week without seeing the real sky again, swear to god.” Then when they got back, they could make a map. Elliot was good at giving and receiving directions to places, although he’d really only tested that in New York City, where he’d grown up. Finding the street you wanted there was the easiest thing in the world. You had to be a special kind of dumbass to get lost in a grid system.

This was gonna be perfect, though. He and Grayson could go on a roommate quest to scout out the street. Elliot had missed him over the summer: it was weird to go from living with someone to not seeing them for months. ...except for Ari, with whom that was a total blessing. Elliot had set up a few new booby traps before leaving this time. He had to keep his little sister on her toes. But Grayson didn’t save over his games or try to steal his stuff so Elliot was glad to see this housemate again. “Where do you wanna go first?”

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