Katherine Kendrick

Sept. 7, 2020, 3:16 p.m.

You need the full vitamin rainbow

It seemed like Anssi agreed with Kit’s logic, which was kind of relieving because she’d been getting that anxious feeling in her stomach again, wondering if she was doing the right thing. He didn’t want her to say he was her boyfriend right away, which she didn’t really understand, but if it made Anssi feel better then that was fine. Maybe he just didn’t know how it felt when you like-liked someone. Now that Kit thought about it, she’d never known about Anssi dating anyone and usually with things like dating the whole entire school knew super quick. Even when people weren’t dating, like with Connor and Remy, the whole entire school knew super quick. Of course, thinking about the Connor and Remy thing made Kit start thinking about the conversation she’d had with Remy and she really didn’t want to do right now because it would make her sad, so instead she smiled at Anssi in a way that she thought was very reassuring.

“That’s super-duper!” Kit said enthusiastically. “We can go on a date and get some ice cream on Pearl Street, or coffee if you want I know coffee dates are more like, grown-up things to do than ice cream dates but I like ice cream more than coffee, if that’s okay with you. But if you want to have coffee with me that’s also okay. Or we could have coffee ice cream, that’s kind of in the middle? I don’t know if they have that kind though, they mostly have weird kinds of ice cream.”

Oh no, maybe Anssi didn’t like weird ice cream? Anssi was kind of...normal. Well the most normal of all of Kit’s friends. Or the most boring? Well Kit didn’t want to call Anssi boring, that seemed mean, but he didn’t like get in fights with anyone or ruin the life of his true love or not-date everyone’s least favorite person in the entire school, or anything like that. He was nice. He was normal. And Kit kinda liked him. But maybe he didn’t like weird ice cream?

Or. Double oh-no. What if he just didn’t like weird things in general? Kit wasn’t stupid, she knew that plenty of people thought she was weird because she thought about things differently than they did, or because she was sixteen and still wore leggings with Disney characters on them, or because one time she’d had a pet tarantula who turned out accidentally to be an acromantula, who she still wrote letters to. Although Kit wasn’t sure many people knew about the last part. Darlene did, but Kit was pretty sure that Darlene knew a lot of things about Kit that Kit didn’t want other people to know, but that Darlene wouldn’t tell because they were Best Friends aka roommates and that wasn’t a thing that Best Friends aka roommates did. Even if things hadn’t started out great, Kit and Darlene were friends now. Just like Rose and Marissa. And Rose and Marissa were still friends even though this was their last year of college!

Kit had been pretty sure that Darlene would just marry Drew once they graduated, but maybe now that Drew was ruining everything, Darlene would be going to college. Kit herself hadn’t decided if she wanted to go yet, mostly because she wasn’t sure what she would go for. Graphic design would be cool, but that was a lot of computers and going to RMI meant pretty much zero computer skills other than going on the internet to watch anime.

“If you prefer normal ice cream that’s fine,” Kit blurted out. “I could try normal ice cream.”

Could she though?

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