Margaret Booth

Sept. 7, 2020, 4:59 p.m.

Movin' on up!

When the final report card appeared over the summer, Maggie held her breath. She saw the nervous look on Mama’s face, and she was nervous too - had she done enough this time? Was she smart enough? Was she good enough? Could she finally go up a grade? And to her surprise and excitement, she had! Now that Maggie was getting the academic support she needed to accommodate her dyslexia, she was absolutely flourishing. She got to go into her second year!

Maggie was so excited to go back and see her school in a new light, although it was still a little difficult to go back and say goodbye to her little Hucka-Hucka. It was so exciting having a baby around - she liked helping out with baby Huckleberry, even if it meant doing the stuff that wasn’t as fun like changing diapers or helping calm him down if he cried - and saying her farewells brought a little tear to her eye. But she’d be back soon, she promised him, and then the portkey took her away.

She ran around the Finer Diner with some franticness to give some quick hugs before the Speech. Maggie was excited to tell Darlene that she got to be a second year now. Darlene looked off, though, so she let her have some space and decided to catch up with her later. For now, Maggie just sat at the Cetus fire, absolutely beaming. She had passed!

A boy with an accent and big long name said hello to her and asked if she was a new student too, and Maggie happily replied, “No, I’m a second year!” She offered her hand. “My name’s Maggie.”

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