Dakota Farnon

Sept. 8, 2020, 9:03 p.m.

I can't say you're wrong, there

Dakota just blinked at JD.

She spent a lot of time around people who she often suspected of not actually listening to what they said. After all, Dakota had grown up with Connor and if Connor paid attention to even a fifth of the things he said, Dakota was pretty sure he would understand why everyone wanted to punch him. But seriously, did JD...listen to himself? Because she was entirely certain that any sentence involving ‘my agent’ immediately disqualified you from receiving any sympathy points at all. Double especially because a secret special meal plan that JD didn’t want to ‘trouble the school’ with sounded fake for two reasons. One - was JD going to have his farm-fresh salmon and brussel sprouts flown in every day? All year? And two - Dakota was fairly certain that JD definitely wanted to bother as many people as possible about as many JD-centered things as possible.

Seriously, nobody who didn’t want to be in the spotlight spent that much time talking about themselves to magazines. In fact, most people spent zero amounts of time talking about themselves to magazines.So yeah, Dakota was not about to believe that JD was doing anything for the sake of anything other than getting attention. So just for that, Dakota wasn’t going to give him her attention. If he wanted to throw a fit about cutlery, he could do it at a house-elf. It was admittedly maybe a little cruel to the house-elf, but it was their job to deal with RMI’s students, not Dakota’s. Thank Merlin.

“I don’t think I’m better than everyone else,” she replied with a sweet smile. “I just happen to be better than you, that’s all.” And on that note, Dakota pointedly busied herself with flagging down a house-elf and asking politely for pickles. The little creature squeaked in what Dakota could only assume was a promise to be helpful (the Finer Diner was loud during the Opening Feast) and disappeared.

Well shit. Now she had to either stay next to JD, or admit that he bothered her and get up and leave. She hadn’t thought this one all the way through.

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