Mikael Lundqvist

Sept. 8, 2020, 10:51 p.m.

Are you saying you're the rainbow of this situation?

Kit’s excitable response was a big difference from his own hesitation. It was reassuring, in a way, and he found himself relaxing a little, expression shifting into a more genuine smile. If nothing else, Anssi knew now that he hadn’t offended her and that she was genuinely interested in going on a date with him. He still had no idea why, but perhaps the why didn’t matter so much, after all. Take Ruben, for example - not that he was a good example, but one of the few examples Anssi had to admit he knew well - he was pretty sure that prior to Kaye, the only motivation Ruben had for asking people on dates was because they were attractive and he wanted to do stuff with them. That was a reason, but it wasn’t a good reason to possibly ruin your friendship with someone when you inevitably broke up. So having no reason to go on a date had to be better than having a bad reason... right?

Maybe. Currently his only reason was ‘why not’, which didn’t exactly count, in his mind, and he should probably have some kind of actual reason. Taking a sip of water, the blonde simply watched Kit for a moment while she continued rambling about the merits of a coffee date versus an ice cream date. (Anssi liked coffee, especially with a bit of chocolate added, but not enough to insist that they have coffee instead of ice cream. He couldn’t yet find a window in her speech to say this, though, and didn’t want to throw her off completely by interrupting, so patience it was.)

She was pretty, he realized, so maybe that meant he found her attractive? He’d had that weird kissing thought in his head briefly that he didn’t really want to acknowledge right now which might be related. Erm. Anyways. Kit was also generally a nice person. She drew lines a little strangely and sometimes caused school-wide confusion, but so far she hadn’t done anything so extreme that he couldn’t overlook it. And as far as he was aware, she’d never tried to physically hurt someone or intentionally damaged school property which was, unfortunately, a bonus, considering his observations of both older and younger students throughout his six years at RMI. There might have been a few near misses with Bludgers during some of the Draco/Lyra matches, but he didn’t hold that against her.

...Was ‘pretty, well-intentioned, and probably not out to get him’ a good enough reason to go on a date?

It wasn’t clear whether Kit had paused for breath or because she was actually done, but he took the risk. “I like coffee, but going for ice cream sounds like more fun--” Oops never mind, she hadn’t been done. Anssi couldn’t hold back a laugh as she offered to try normal ice cream. Yeah, he still had some concerns, but was definitely already feeling better about this whole thing in general. “Nej, really, don’t worry,” he insisted. “Ice cream would be great. I have been to Finnegan’s before; some of the flavours are a bit too much,” that weird Tuna Melt one his brother liked came to mind; Anssi definitely preferred his ice cream cold, please and thank you, “but they have lots of options. And I bet there might be some changes after the summer. We should go see if they have any new flavours. Maybe this weekend, after Quidditch tryouts?” he suggested.

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