Deagret Wyckland

Sept. 9, 2020, 8:06 p.m.

Really? Because I know several people that wouldn't happen to.

Remy was giving Dea a weird look, and then she looked slightly disgusted for a hot second. Squinting, Deagret's brows pulled together and she cocked her head. "...Everything okay?"

At the mention of ice cream, a bright smile suddenly absorbed Dea's whole face, and her eyes sparkled to life. "Oh man, I swear I'm gonna try everything in Finnegan's, even if it's absolutely awful. I'm still gonna do it. You only live once, right? Might as well!"

Dea nodded at the sentiment of Remy wanting to be around her friends more. "It must suck to think about the fact that you might not see them for awhile once you go to college. Not that you won't see them again!" She hurried to correct herself. "It's just...I dunno, that came off wrong, I'm sorry. But what's animagus training like? I've always wanted to know. I want to take it when I'm in the upper years."

The third year wondered what kind of animals she would have. Hopefully not a fish. That would probably go pretty badly. Maybe she'd end up with a bird or something? That sounded about right. "Do you know what form your animagus takes yet? I bet it's something really cool! Honestly though, every animagus is cool because like, you're an animagus then."

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