Andrew Tennant

Sept. 9, 2020, 8:22 p.m.

Because we social distance!

Instead of agreeing with Drew, Will looked like he’d just seen his boggart. Uh oh. The way Will had been talking about his friend he’d confessed his love to—well, Drew had just assumed his roommate wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone else say it. Drew hadn’t meant to out Will to himself, but apparently that was what he’d just done.

He didn’t want to press the subject, but when Will claimed there was no guy here who would see him the same way, Drew couldn’t stifle the incredulous laugh that bubbled out of him. Was Will serious? This was RMI. Even conservative purebloods were gay. Hell, Dad and Aaron had met here. Maybe Will just hadn’t been at the school long enough to figure it out, but Drew knew better. RMI was teeming with queer people who wanted to date just as much as the straight people did.

Maybe that was something they could do in Rocky Voices. Ads for blind dates. The thing about going to a small school was that—barring transfers—you pretty much already knew who your dating options were by the time you were a third year, which was when most people started dating. And by then you had already formed opinions about the people you were with, because you’d known them for so long. They didn’t have a chance to actually put themselves out there. Like Dakota. Even with Claudia and Connor graduated, people already knew about the fire thing, and they knew she was trans, and she couldn’t start over with that. But if she got to write something like, Late teens girl seeking someone to date and talk about interesting hexes, well, that could get her somewhere. He’d run it by everyone else on the team and, if they got the green light, put an ad out for ads.

“Sorry. Yeah, man, of course we’re friends,” Drew said, and tried to be quiet while Will gave him the advice he’d asked for.

He was with the other Cetus (yes, it made sense Darlene wouldn’t want to go back to just being friends, especially when she hadn’t wanted to break up, especially when he hadn’t given a good reason, especially when he knew Darlene would not consider his reason good even if he told her) until Will said “it’s not like you dumped her to run straight to some other mot,” at which point Drew probably looked like he’d seen his own boggart. Yeah, Will was right: that was going to be a whole other mess, and no amount of talking to Darlene, now or in the future, was going to help. Drew was sure of that.

But Will had tried his best, and it would be good advice in any other situation except the one that Drew had stupidly gotten himself into. “You’re right,” Drew agreed. “It probably wouldn’t make things worse. I’ll think about it. And, hey, I mean, in case you’re worried—I won’t mention it to anyone, but you should know RMI isn’t like Hogwarts. Like, we doesn’t have a gay-straight alliance or anything because it’d just be half the school. Maybe things didn’t work out with your friend, but your chances are pretty good here.”

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