Andrew Tennant

Oct. 23, 2019, 9:48 a.m.

Change is healthy

Merlin, when was the last time he saw Dakota smile about something? It had to be ages. Definitely ages since he’d seen her really smile about something besides, like, questionable magic or Connor’s misfortune. But Madeleine just had that effect on people. She could make a glumbumble grin. Drew was pretty sure that even Uncle Bennet, who was possibly the grumpiest person on the planet, had a soft spot for Madeleine.

Anyway it was good to see Dakota smile. Drew had a good feeling about this year. There wouldn’t be drama, or fistfights, or hexing. Not on Drew’s part, definitely, and hopefully not on his friends’ part either. Thank Merlin for summer break. Drew was usually bored out of his skull when the school emptied, but now he was starting to appreciate that they would all want to kill each other if they spent the whole year together. Everyone could use a break from Connor, especially Dakota. Drew was pretty sure moving in with Rose and Holland (et al.) was the best thing that had ever happened to her: Connor was just not good for Dakota, and Drew had never met Mr. Farnon but he sounded like an eviller version of Connor.

“Hey, congrats. That sounds awesome.” Drew had an interview coming up with Deep River Records, the record store on Pearl Street. He was pretty sure he would get it: he’d been going there for years, and the owners knew him and seemed to like him. He could work over the summer since he lived in Boulder, and he knew a lot about the wizarding music scene, and the Muggle one too. Deep River had all wizarding music, but if Muggleborns came in he’d know what to recommend based on what they already liked.

He’d never heard of Hot Topic, but if Dakota said he would like it he probably would. She knew him pretty well. “I like Muggle music too,” he reminded her. “Maybe I could visit Boston next break. Check out Hot Topic, meet your coworkers.” He was sure Marissa wouldn’t mind hosting him for a couple of days.

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