Katherine Kendrick

Sept. 10, 2020, 6:09 a.m.

I do spread color and joy

See, this was why Anssi was a perfect choice for someone to date. Even though Kit had totally offered normal ice cream out of an uncharacteristic anxiety, he was still down for getting interesting ice cream which, thank Merlin because Kit wasn’t sure how long she could deal with being boring. She suspected that it wasn’t very long, which was something that she had spent time worrying about over the summer, in between marathons of The Princess Bride as she tried to convince Drew to get back together with Darlene. It was mostly because of the conversation with Remy - Kit had never had anyone actually tell her that what she was doing was legit bad before, and she still didn’t know what to do about it. Somehow, nothing over the summer had given her any bursts of inspiration so now she was back at school and pretty sure that Remy was mad at her, which was not a good feeling, and was mad at her for being her, which was kind of a worse thing.

Drew had also seemed weird over the summer, and obviously there was something wrong with him because he’d broken up with Darlene. Well, Kit thought he’d seemed weird. For some reason he hadn’t been as excited about the Princess Bride marathons as she was, despite it being an absolutely amazing movie that Kit could watch literally all day. He’d gone along with it, but it was still weird. Of course, they were sixteen now which was practically an adult age and maybe Drew was just getting caught up thinking ahead. Maybe Drew wanted to go to college, and he didn’t want Darlene to have to marry her prince. Now that seemed more normal. Misguided, but normal. And Kit wouldn’t really know, because she didn’t really talk about Future Plans with anyone or anything.

Anyway, Anssi seemed unlikely to ask her about Future Plans and he was into cool ice cream, which was a good thing. Kit had almost forgotten about Quidditch try-outs that weekend. She probably would have remembered, because of the notices in the common room, but maybe not.

“Thanks for reminding me!” she beamed at Anssi. Kit did like being Beater, she was totally anti-violence except for people who really deserved and not that she was a judge or anything but there were several people who really deserved it who tended to play Quidditch. Connor Farnon, for example, who was a real jerk to Dakota. Kit wasn’t best friends with Dakota or anything but they hung out enough for her to hate Connor for eternity. “After-Quidditch ice cream is the best ice cream.”

Well what did she say now? They’d decided to go on a date and it didn’t seem like the sort of thing you talked about any more than that, since Anssi thought they had to be going on a date for him to be her boyfriend. There was still a lot of Feast left too, so it wasn’t like she could just leave, even though she totally needed to sync up with Darlene about their plans for Drew this year.

“So did you have a good summer?” Well that was kind of lame standard Feast-talk but Kit didn’t have any other ideas which was weird because Kit always had other ideas. “Drew and I mostly watched movies, because he broke up with Darlene so we had to. Plus my sister is super busy with her girlfriend.” Now that she thought about it, when had everyone’s life started being all about the person they were dating? When had they all stopped being just people who did cool things and hung out and learned to hex people together? Even if Kit spent more time getting hexed than hexing.

Wow, this was super depressing. Who thought growing up would be super depressing? Now Kit just wanted to go work on a costume concept or something. There was a really fancy battle costume from her favorite mech anime that she wanted to work on.

“Do you like anime?” Kit asked. “I also did some costume making over the summer. I don’t get to go to lots of cons because we’re in school all the time but once we graduate I’m going to go cosplay all over the place.”

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