Remington Burnham

Sept. 10, 2020, 7:49 p.m.

I bet they're good at hiding it

“I’m not a needle person,” Remington answered honestly. “It’s why I haven’t pierced my ears yet.” She wasn’t scared of needles, but it took a bit of encouragement for her. Remington would love to give blood someday, but the idea of sitting with a needle in one of her veins for a solid amount of time was scary. She’d need to do lots of research before she went into it. And if she did ever get her ears pierced, she’d want to research the person doing it, the place it got done, make sure it was locally owned and not a chain, all that good stuff. Maybe at the end of her last term, she could convince a couple people to go to Pearl Street together and get piercings or whatever.

Of course, she’d have to figure out who to invite. Even if Claudia hadn’t graduated, Remington didn’t know if she’d agree to a(n ear) piercing party. Dakota might, but things were still so weird between them and at this point, Remington assumed that was the norm. The Draco would never bring Kit to a place meant to put holes in someone’s body. All she’d need to do is blink at the wrong time and suddenly Kit would have the piercing gun for whatever her brain told her to do.

Whatever happened, even if it was a solo activity, Remington would have to wrap it up with ice cream.

Thinking too much about graduating made her feel weird. Graduating and leaving behind her friends, not being at school with Drew every day… maybe it would be good to be somewhere new and make new friends. And she knew better than to focus too much on her confusing feelings for Drew. Dea’s subject change was very welcome.

“Animagus training is really interesting. I think Professor McKindy has a really distinctive style, which doesn’t work for me for animagus like it does for spellwork,” she couldn’t stand the self-focused meditative animagus training; that was for people who felt comfortable in their skin, “But it’s so cool to learn something so advanced. I feel like… a real, adult witch when I’m doing my animagus training.”

Then Dea asked the million dollar question. “I haven’t transformed yet,” which drove her nuts, “I think I’m something with feathers, though. I’ve tried changing one part of my body at a time, and something about the way my skin is trying to move around feels like feathers. It’s really, really hard to explain. My goal is to fully transform by midterm.” She needed to be able to put it on her college applications. Transforming was a priority - sooner rather than later.

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