Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

Sept. 10, 2020, 9:55 p.m.

Withholding judgement

There was a short moment where Dmitry just looked at her hand. Hazel eyes blinked once, confused. They were starting a meal, he was balancing both a plate and a bowl on his lap, and she wanted to... shake hands? Proper introductions were important, but being introduced during a meal meant that handshakes weren’t necessary, and were actually somewhat rude to expect as it would inconvenience him to free one hand. ’May-gi’ had said that she was in her second year so surely she should know better.

Then again, she had not even told him her family name, so maybe she wasn’t familiar with correct etiquette. Whether that meant she was from a lower social status or a lower blood status, the Russian boy wasn’t sure, but he hoped it was the latter. The idea was exciting: he had never met a mundane blooded witch before. (Of course he wasn’t thinking in a judgemental way: Aunt Ika was from a lower status too and Dmitry really liked her! There was nothing wrong with not bring rich.)

Gingerly shuffling his dishes around to make a free hand, Dmitry politely but firmly shook her hand. ”Hallo May-gi, it is nice to be meeting you.” He knew he had a strong handshake, because he had spent a few very tedious hours practicing, although he wouldn’t admit it if asked as he suspected she wouldn’t understand... if this first meeting was any indication, maybe not many students here would. He would probably need to have lower expectations of his classmates than the children of the Pureblooded businessmen he normally spent time with.

”As you are a not-new student, is it okay if I am asking some questions?” There was probably nothing she could tell him about RMI that his mother hadn’t already, but letting others think they had something to teach you was a good way to make them comfortable and build a connection, in his experience. Also, it would give him a chance to eat and listen. The bowl of kasha was wobbling om his knee, so Dmitry withdrew his hand and picked it up again before suggesting a question. ”For example, vat do you recommend doing in the first days at school?”

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