Dwight Finn

Oct. 24, 2019, 12:20 p.m.

100% but better then actually cleaning

“Cajun fries are your favorite? Your missing out. My mom loves to make a huge pile of fries and then put buffalo chicken dip and ranch all over them. Seriously the messier the fries the better in her opinion. She also makes chilli cheese and nacho fries but buffalo chicken fries are what we all crave.” DJ said with a smile.

“Maybe this summer you can come meet my parents. They are dying to meet all my RMI friends.” It was odd at Wallowa DJ had friends over his house every summer but here at RMI they only time RMI friends had come to see him was when he threw a party at Uncle Riley and Uncle Seb’s and neither of his parents had been there.

DJ smiled when she showed interest in Uncle Riley’s life. A lot of the muggleborn girls he had met at Wallowa had figured out he was the nephew of the actor Riley Finn and had asked him for autographs for to meet him but Remy never did. “The romantic comedies he does tend to be on set but like this year he was filming on beaches for a movie about lifeguards. Also props and costuming is where I think the real creative people are. Like actors just say words on a piece of paper but the props and costuming people create out of thin air.”

Remington had her eyebrow raised when he mentioned prom. He blushed deep red when she mentioned there would probably be less punching but he laughed good naturedly at her joke. “Well if you wanted to a big dance like that you could probably make it happen. Being a prefect and all.” He paused looked back at Dakota and said. “I know who’d I’d want to go with.” He didn’t mean to say it and realized too late he had said it out loud.

He glanced back at Remy and then stuffed his face full of fries, praying and hoping she wouldn’t realize where DJ had been looking when he said that. He really didn’t want to ruin Dakota and Remy’s repairing friendship.

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