Sept. 13, 2020, 4:52 p.m.

And yet somehow, missing the mark

There was a brief flash of panic when JD talked about delusions. There was no way JD could know. Was there? Dakota was pretty sure that only Drew knew about her mental...whatever. And Holland, and Jenna, and Rose obviously so probably Emmett too (but Emmett was actually pretty cool as far as dudes planning to marry your sister went) but none of those were people who made it a point to talk about other people. Not that JD even knew most of them existed. And Drew would never tell, Dakota knew. Dakota was pretty sure that Drew had outgrown the punching people stage of his life, but otherwise she’d put money on him punching JD at some point. It was like he was trying to pick up where Connor left off, except Dakota was pretty sure that JD was just making shit up at this point, or maybe someone had told him about the awkward fire incident from a few years ago.

Whatever it was, Dakota was perfectly capable of leaving it alone and she definitely didn’t have to jinx the pathetic pop-star. She could keep her cool. She could handle a patronizing little brat, and not teach him a lesson. It was fully possible for her to do those things, and she would take a deep breath and choose to do those things. Maybe walk away. Start the year off right.

For some truly inexplicable reason, that is not at all what happened.

Instead, what happened was Dakota muttered something under her breath as she glared at JD. “At least I haven’t hit my peak at what, thirteen?” she deliberately undershot his age just to piss him off. “I’ve got a whole life ahead of me, what are you going to do once you have to get too old for Teen Witch to care about you?” Hopefully by now JD was feeling very uncomfortable. The effects of the hex she’d just used took a minute to set in, but if he wasn’t already feeling it, there would be certain unpleasant effects starting to take place any moment now. Unfortunately Dakota didn’t actually know how to actually make JD sick, but as it turned out, it was handy to have a hex around that could successfully mimic the side effects of syphilis for a few hours. Always rewarding to be able to see the effects of your summer studies in action.

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