Sept. 14, 2020, 6:58 a.m.

Or perhaps a regular ladder

The person who was speaking to her - or not speaking to her, as it were - was one of the other girls who had walked to the Draco fire with her, the one with dark hair. Rhiannon appreciated that the girl hadn’t actually interrupted her reading, and supposed that it wasn’t unreasonable to think that the general hubbub of the Feast had made Rhia think someone was talking to her. The other girl seemed to have a bowl of something but Rhia noticed that she wasn’t exactly digging in, which made her wonder why. Was it just nerves? She could understand why someone might feel nervous at the first event of the school year. Especially at a magical school that was presumably different than anything one had experienced before. Not that Rhia was feeling nervous, of course, because she was fully capable of handling things like this. After being homeschooled and spending most of her time with PhD candidates, she would be more than equipped to handle normal magical school. It wasn’t even a gifted program or anything. Her stomach was just a little upset was all, probably from the Portkey.

As disinclined as Rhiannon was to make smalltalk with anyone, she didn’t mind talking about books. Some of her best conversations were about books, with the librarians at the public library in Colorado Springs. They had tried to convince her to join a book club for teenagers, but Rhia had been disappointed by the books so she hadn’t joined. She supposed it was normal for teenagers to read books about teenagers, but Rhia had graduated to the adult section when she was nine and didn’t feel like looking back.

“It’s the third book of the Oath of Legend series and it’s political speculative fiction about the combination of Muggle and magical societies after a first contact situation, this one is called The Gamble of Six.” The series was eight books long, and so far Rhiannon was really enjoying it. She liked political fiction because it was complex, and speculative fiction where Muggles en masse found out about the Magical world because it was interesting to think about what kind of reaction they would have as individuals and as a society. Rhia also liked nonfiction of course, and if there were more good books about things like death rituals that weren’t crappy horror books she would like them too.

“Do you read much?” Rhia asked. She was hopeful. Although some people did attempt to make conversation about books without actually caring about books, this didn’t seem like the sort of person who would do that. “I’m Rhiannon Taren, by the way,” she added.

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