Margaret Booth

Sept. 19, 2020, 5:47 p.m.

Don't be so withholding!

Maggie’s mouth made a little “o” shape, surprised by how firm a grip Dmitry had. Then she smiled again and strengthened her own, not to be outdone by an underclassman. She had never met an underclassman before - she had never not been the bottom tier - and she would be gosh darned if she would let one seem stronger than her, even if he was a boy. He was two years younger than her!

Dmitry wanted to ask questions, so she immediately offered a cheery, “Of course!” and put on her listening ears. His first one was about what to do in the first few days. She thought about it briefly, but the answer came to her quickly. “I’d recommend exploring,” she replied. “There are a lot of cool places around RMI. This school is huge! But don’t worry if you get turned around or end up lost - somebody will come along and help you get back on the right path.”

“It’s really good to make friends, too,” Maggie added. She shot a quick glance at the Lyra bonfire. Emilia Rodriguez was probably her best friend close to her age, after they had shared a tent at their first year Orientation and discovered their shared Spanish abilities. Maggie almost never got to speak Spanish anymore. And there was Darlene, too. “Especially with upperclassmen, if you can. It’ll be really sad when they graduate, but they’re so helpful. It’s like having an older sibling!”

“Do you have any siblings?” she asked good-naturedly. “Or any other questions,” she added to stay a little more on topic.

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