William Bloom

Oct. 25, 2019, 1:02 p.m.

Be careful what you offer

Will nodded in response to what Quinn had said. Magic did make cleaning things up a lot easier and he often found that it got him out of some of the bigger troubles. Breaking glasses in the pub was a frequent occurrence, but dipping in the back for his mum or dad to cast a quick repairo saved them a lot of trouble and money. His own messes were harder to clear up, but he usually managed. When he didn’t, well, usually it was because Reagan had convinced him into doing something that was less than desirable, but normally his friend took the fall anyway. Those disasters were never manageable.

Running his only free hand through his hair, the Cetus shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t really know,” he said, pushing a potato aimlessly around his plate. School was good and all, but part of him really didn’t care whether he excelled at RMI. He needed to graduate, for sure, but at the end of the day keeping up wasn’t the top of his priority list. Surviving was. Besides, he didn’t even know what he wanted to do but how many fifteen year olds did? What, was he supposed to have a career and everything lined up as soon as he could legally do magic outside? Wasn’t he supposed to mess up and change his mind a lot? That sounded like a better option anyway. “I think I’ll keep up, but I don’t know how well.”

Honesty was something that Will believed in. It was what he was raised on. It never did any good to start a potential friendship with a lie and he found that people who didn’t like that often faded out of his life before they’d really found a place in it. Even so, he wasn’t the best at detecting lies, so he was sure that not everyone was honest with him. He just kept to it himself. “I’m not as concerned about doing well here as I was at Hogwarts,” he explained further, lifting his shoulders in another shrug as he popped the potato he’d been pushing around into his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully, swallowing before continuing. “All the professors were a lot stricter there and everything was more intense. It’s easier here.”

Maybe easier wasn’t the word, but it seemed like that. The classes were more fun and even Professor Boot wasn’t as boring as old Binns had been. Everyone was quirkier and brighter and less concerned with status and other things that would separate everyone into cliques. He could tell that Quinn was maybe a little bit more proper than he was. He liked her accent, it was a lot different than the ones he had heard so far and he was kind of curious about her. From what he’d heard, more proper families in the States could be really different from the ones in Europe. Well, people in general were different. The best thing was that didn’t seem to phase anyone. Sure, sometimes people looked at him a little funny, but most of the time they seemed genuinely interested in getting to know him. “I am looking forward to this term though, I hope that it’ll be a good one.”

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