Deagret Wyckland

Oct. 25, 2019, 8:22 p.m.

A hard question with surprisingly easy answers.

Deagret's jaw dropped. Sure, maybe it was because she was muggleborn, but the fact that you could change the color of your clothes with magic!? Who wouldn't be impressed by that! It would make shopping so much easier! The redhead wondered if that could extend to changing the colors of paint with magic, because it would be especially helpful when using her watercolors (she hated them but she was too stubborn to give up on them, unfortunately). Mistakes were so easy, and if something went and muddled together, she could just change the color! The possibilities were magnificently endless!

"That's so cool!" Deagret gasped excitedly. "It must make getting dressed a heck of a lot easier--if you don't like the color of something, you can just change it! I wish we had something like that in the muggle world. Well, I mean, you can dye things but that tends to be pretty permanent, unless you're dying your hair, but even then it causes damage because it's bleach." When Deagret was little, she'd always wanted pretty brown colored hair, and had begged and begged her mom to let her dye it.

And then she'd read Anne of Green Gables, and read how when Anne tried to dye her red hair, it had turned green and Deagret had been terrified of it ever since. Even though when she was older she figured out how the process worked and that Anne should've used some hair dye-bleach to remove the reddy pigment of her hair, Dea had sworn to never do it for fear of something going even slightly wrong or if she ended up hating the color she'd chosen and then had to shell out more money to get it fixed.

Madeleine pointed to her big brother but Deagret didn't recognize him so she just nodded and smiled as if she did. And then she did a double-take. "Wait, so you've been inside all of the other common rooms?" She asked, seeking clarification. "That's so cool. I've always wanted to check them out!" No, Deagret, she scolded herself sternly. You will not involve a child in your schemes. Bad Deagret! Bad! "What do they look like? Are they super cool?" Dammit. Too late. Then she winced internally because it seemed that Elliot might have been rubbing off on her. Kit would be ashamed.

"That's...actually, that's a really hard question," Deagret replied, blinking as she waited for her brain to stop lagging and load. "I'd say we have the nicest people here, but there's so many nice people in other houses, like Norah in Lyra, and Gigi in Aquila, but I think she'd be a little bit offended if I called her nice. She's nice to me at least!" The redhead reasoned with a shrug. "And then there's a lot of really fun people, but there are fun people in other houses too! Like Jake in Lyra, Elliot who's in Aquila--though Kit isn't really supposed to know I'm good friends with him because they've got this whole 'rival' going on so please don't tell her--and Amelia in Cetus! They're all super fun to hang out with."

She thought for a few seconds more, and then settled on an explanation. "I'm definitely biased, and that's a big reason for me saying that Draco is the best in my opinion. But in my mind, Draco feels the most like home to me. It's really warm, and quiet but so full of life. We're loyal, so we've always got each others' backs, too. Also it's kind of because of the library," Dea continued with a laughed. "To be honest, I think it's the best probably because I can't imagine being sorted anywhere else. It's a like a second home, now." She smiled and looked out over the crowd of her housemates, spotting all the familiar faces. It felt good to be back. "I think you're really gonna like it."

She took a deep breath then, and shook her head out. "So what are you most excited for? Classes, friends?"

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