Sept. 26, 2020, 2:20 p.m.

I'll try to keep an open mind

The first thing that she suggested was exploring. That… well, it made sense, but it was a very basic idea and a bit disappointing. Of course the most important thing to do in a new place was to get familiar with it inside and outside; he knew that already. And Dmitry liked exploring, so it was already on his list of things to do at RMI as soon as possible. He had spent lots of time wandering around Vladivostok (supervised, of course, to his continued annoyance). As well, they actually lived on the hills overlooking it and so he had watched the sun set over the city’s buildings and harbour every night or afternoon, depending on the time of year. He was willing to bet that he could draw a map of most of the city from memory - although he wasn’t good at drawing, and it would have to be a mix of overhead and ground-level pictures too, and probably a bit confusing overall for someone else to look at.

Meggi’s next idea was to make friends and especially with older students. Again, making friends was an obvious answer. Connections were important in his society, and being now at a school with such a variety of people, it was important that he start making connections here too. His father had advised him to seek people either of a similar status or who could provide some advantage down the road, and his mother had added that there was also great value in finding others who you could learn from and enjoy spending time with. Honestly, Dmitry wasn’t sure which was his priority right now. But making friends with older students would take care of both. The way she said it made it sound like she didn’t count herself as an older student even though technically she was older than him, which he decided meant that she wasn’t expecting to be his ‘older sibling’. That was fine by him. It didn’t seem like she had much to offer, anyways.

Swallowing his mouthful of food, Dmitry nodded at her question. “Da, I have two sisters. Nadia is two years under me, and Evgeniya is only five. They vill be coming here also.” He thought so, at least. While he hadn’t been present for any of their conversations, nor would have chosen to eavesdrop even if it was possible (the charms on his parents’ office doors made it impossible to hear any sounds), he knew from a comment his father had made over dinner one day that he had wanted for them to go to Durmstrang instead, which was where he had studied. Dmitry wasn’t sure why he wanted that or why RMI had been chosen instead, but it didn’t really matter. RMI seemed like a good choice, even if he had to sit on the floor. “Do you have brothers or sisters, or other family at school here? Is it common for families to be coming here together?”

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