Mikael Lundqvist

Oct. 25, 2019, 9:36 p.m.

Oh look, I have more responsibilities now. Yay?

Wait - he was a Prefect? Really?

He definitely had not expected to hear Toby list his name. Of the options to choose from within Draco House, he had assumed that Malachi would be named Prefect - if mostly because Malachi had been acting like he was Prefect since his arrival to RMI a couple years ago, and it made sense to think that the school administration would recognize his obvious interest for leadership. Anssi, on the other hand, had felt always very stuck in the middle of his friends. He was fine with this and could not say that he was interested in having any type of authority among them, which he thought made absolut sense considering both the literal and less-literal fires that would probably keep happening. His brother might have miraculously managed to get a job that involved putting out and/or setting fires, but he had no intention of following in any of Ruben’s giant footsteps.

Regardless of intentions, now he had more responsibility. As much as he had not asked for it, by the time he uncrossed his legs, straightened his robes over his jeans again, and moved towards the front of the room, Anssi had decided that he didn’t mind. Though a part of him did wish that his friends were less violent. It would be nice to join Remy - she had made Prefect last year - but it would have been nicer to have more of them together. There was a time where it had seemed obvious that Drew would become the Cetus Prefect, and he was so much easier to work with than Huburt… not that Anssi disliked Huburt, exactly, he just would prefer not to be spending too much time with him.

(Yes, he knew it was ironic that their friendship had started because of Ruben, who had basically taken over Drew and Remy’s secret self-defense club, turned it into Fight Club, and brought Anssi along for the ride. Also yes, he had kept meeting with them after Ruben left, and did his best to help it stay on-track with self-defense, because unlike some people he did not support the technique of proactively punching your problems away. As tempting as it had been last year to just quit entirely, it was too strange to think of giving up the club where he had become friends with them in the first place, as if doing that would be asking for the friendship to fade away.)

A bit distracted in his own thoughts, Anssi startled at the applause for the new Prefects, his fingers closing automatically around the pin as it was dropped in his hand. He could feel his cheeks getting warm as he turned back towards the rest of the room, offering smiles as blue eyes briefly made contact with a few students, but still trying to be quick in returning to his seat. He might have decided that he didn’t mind being given this new title, at least not yet, but he still was not a huge fan of having attention on him, and felt a bit relieved once he had sat back down and the house-elves began making their rounds with the food.

“Yes, thank you,” he nodded to an approaching elf, gratefully taking a large bowl of steaming curry and rice. Tucking overgrown blonde hair behind one ear, he picked up a spoon - it smelled incredible - and then paused. As a native to a part of the world where the spice most commonly used was cardamom, liking hot spicy foods and actually being able to stomach them were two very separate categories. Anssi glanced around, but couldn’t find what he was looking for, so turned to his neighbour. “Hey, sorry, do you see any milk around here?” he asked them. The question turned into a small grin as he continued, “If not, I may be needing to give you some signal so that you can aguamenti me. This is going to be hot.”

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