Sept. 26, 2020, 11:01 p.m.

Your misspelling of colour wounds me deeply. No joy here.

How had Kit forgotten about Quidditch tryouts? She had been on the Lyra team since first year; she was forgetful about a lot of things, but surely she could remember Quidditch.

Immediately after having that thought, Anssi decided that it actually wasn’t surprising at all that she had forgotten about tryouts. If anything, the real question was how she had managed to remember to go to tryouts since first year and stay on the Lyra team all this time. Maybe her partner in Bludger-ing had reminded her every year. That seemed plausible.

“Oh, for sure,” the blonde agreed. “Definitely better than pre-Quidditch ice cream, at least.” If the general rule was that you weren’t supposed to eat within an hour of swimming, one probably shouldn’t eat within two or more hours of playing Quidditch. Anssi normally skipped a meal before practices or games - not that he’d ever actually puked on the pitch or anything, but he had an abundance of caution when it came to being potentially incapacitated while heavy metal balls were flying around trying to break his limbs. So far, it had only served him well. “Are you staying with Beater? Hopefully you get a good new partner, now that Marley’s graduated.” If she wound up training a new student as Beater and Lyra got the equivalent of two Kits behind the bats, well, he had a feeling Medic Rock would be kept busy after matches.

...Wait. So this meant they officially had a date scheduled. Like, there was a date and time and place for it and everything. Huh. Weird.

“Ja, mine was great, I went travelling with my sister and-- hold on, Drew and Darlene broke up?” While focusing on her question it had taken a little time for his brain to catch up with Kit’s entire sequence of words, but now that it had, he looked up from his pancakes in surprise, taken off-guard by her casual announcement. “But they’ve been dating for years. I mean, not that that means anything,” oh that was probably the wrong thing to say when you had just agreed to go on a date with someone, right? Anssi hastened to add, “or not necessarily, it could mean something, it’s just. Wow. Okay.” He glanced over to the blue fire, but didn’t see the darker-skinned boy right away. Well, the next time he had a chance, he’d track down Drew. Breaking up seemed like a hard thing, or he assumed it might be, and it would be good to check in with his friend to see how he was handling it.

He was unfazed by the sudden topic change. There had been enough of that in the past - what, five minutes? Ten? - that he was adapting quickly back to being in this type of undirected conversation. “Anime is a bit weird to me, honestly. I don’t watch a lot of shows, but when I do, it’s normally sports or murder mysteries.” The sports were because most of his family enjoyed sports, and he preferred to watch TV with someone else; it wasn’t appealing to him to just sit and watch stuff by himself. The murder mysteries were because it was apparently one of the only types of shows that Swedish or Finnish producers knew how to make. Although they could be very good, sometimes, and much more interesting than American murder mysteries which always had dumb romance sub-plots.

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