Remington Burnham

Nov. 4, 2019, 3:53 p.m.

Back from vacation!

The fries DJ described sounded absolutely horrible. Not only was buffalo anything a little outside what she liked to eat, it usually came with bleu cheese - either dressing or actual bits of it - and that was the most disgusting thing in the world. She wasn’t a picky eater, so when she found something she disliked, she took it quite seriously. Plus, it sounded messy. She could live without ever trying those.

But then DJ invited her to meet his parents and she accepted that it might happen sometime. She wouldn’t say no to visiting. That was the opposite of what they were working towards: things going well, a friendly term, feeling better than she had before.

“That would be fun. I think my parents have been worried about me not going to see friends over our breaks, or inviting anyone over.” Remington smiled a little. “I wouldn’t mind.”

Before they could make plans, though, things moved on to prom. Remington meant what she said. She had no idea who she’d even go with. DJ was clearly over her, which was for the best, and there wasn’t anyone else who liked her. Remington couldn’t tell if she had feelings for anyone, either. No one would be shocked if everyone coupled off and she ended up attending any sort of dance alone.

That would be fine, though - - wait. Who was DJ looking at?

Her brown eyes followed his gaze, eyebrows knitting together as she put together this puzzle. It did not take long. Between the two people sitting at the Cetus bonfire in his line of sight, she highly doubted he’d want to take Drew to prom. Drew would love prom. Dancing, music, a perfect date. Remington cleared her throat. If prom ever existed at Rocky Mountain International, Darlene would have a great time. Of the pair of Ceti, that left one other person.

“Dakota?” She asked quietly with a light smile. “I bet she would go with you. You’d just have to… approach her like a very skittish baby deer.”

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