Sept. 27, 2020, 10:08 a.m.

Making a quick exit

“At least I haven’t hit my peak at what, thirteen?”

“I haven’t peaked!” JD snapped back, forgetting himself. The at least fifteen year old (depending on the ID, country, and activity) couldn’t believe someone would be so rude. And he hadn’t peaked. He hadn’t! This was just a blip. Of course his career was on hold - he was stuck at an underground school against his will because he needed an “education” and “good PR.”

Teen Witch would always care about him! Right? ...right?

Oh no. Was he about to have an existential crisis? He hadn’t planned for one yet. That was supposed to happen more towards college aged. It would be extremely public and lead to him doing charity work in some third world country, and he’d be a Changed Man, have a music revival, and would make it into Witch Weekly’s Top 100 People. His crisis needed to be public and dramatic, not whatever this was.

Something about Dakota’s words really hit JD. Fatigue from the tour set deep in his bones, and his appetite completely vanished. He never let people get to him like this - he let the public spread all the rumors they wanted and dealt with it. It was fine. Why was he sweating? Was he dying? Oh no - he was dying.

JD got up from the fire and, on his way out of the Finer Diner, dumped the rest of his meal prep onto Dakota’s lap. He needed a nurse. Or a life coach. Something was wrong - he couldn’t handle this anymore. Rocky Mountain International was killing him!

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