Deagret Wyckland

Sept. 27, 2020, 11:57 a.m.

That's a good point...

Dea could tell that speaking about piercing was...kind of unnerving for Remy. She could see it in the way her face scrunched up a little. She totally understood it, because fear was like, a really big thing to deal with.

Dea used to be afraid of needles. But then her desire for cool-looking piercings overrode that fear. So maybe, it wasn't really a fear at all? Maybe it was like, she had highly disliked needles and now she didn't like them per se, but she didn't hate them or anything.

Nodding her head, the girl realized that animagus training (at least how Remy was describing it) worked just like any other class when it came to teachers--if the style they used just didn't fit you, then it didn't fit you! She'd always imagined animagus training as something super secretive and private, like incredibly personal and not something you shared with other people? But according to what Remy was saying, that wasn't true.

Good to know.

"I bet it's so cool! Even though you haven't fully transformed yet, you're right--I can't even imagine what it would feel like to do something so powerful! And ooh, if you're a bird, what kind of bird do you think it would be?" Dea's words were flying out of her mouth at this rate, and she'd almost completely forgotten about The Dirtbike Problem. "I think you'll definitely make it by midterm!"

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