Sept. 27, 2020, 4:29 p.m.

But are you that tall?

So it seemed as though Rhiannon and Paola had more in common than just their hair color and House, which was a promising start since they would probably be roommates. Or at least, Rhia assumed they would be roommates. The RMI brochure had been clear that the students shared rooms, and it seemed to make the most sense to Rhia for them to room with people of a similar age and gender. Perhaps it would not be incredibly uncomfortable for her to room with someone who was a year or two older, but it seemed decidedly inappropriate for an eleven-year-old to be sharing a bedroom with a seventeen-year-old. By the time you were seventeen, you were an adult in the wizarding world, and while the age of adulthood was not consistent across all cultures (for example, Muggles had to be eighteen to be considered an adult), there were quite a lot of things adults could do that children could not.

Rhia wasn’t particularly enthralled by the concept of being a child - not even a teenager yet, in fact, although she absolutely loathed the word ‘tween’ to describe her age group - but she definitely was not ready to be an adult and by extension, not ready to spend that much time with adults. She knew she was precocious and her aunt’s PhD students seemed to like her, but they only spent time with her when they were on site. Aside from awkward holiday parties and similar, Rhia had not interacted with any of them on any sort of social scale.

Fantasy was not Rhia’s genre of choice when it came to books, but she did have a certain amount of interest in necromancy. Obviously it was entirely impractical when it came to actual magic, but it was an interesting concept to explore. One of the things that Rhiannon was looking forward to most about being in magical school was the access to a magical library, where she could learn more about how attempts at necromancy had gone in the magical world. Inferi existed, of course, but Rhia was absolutely certain that there had to have been more attempts. Her motions to explore that particular aspect of death magic had been deterred by her aunt with a frown, but here at RMI there would be nobody standing in her way when it came to learning about it. She wasn’t interested in actually raising the dead, but Rhia was incredibly curious about the history behind it.

“I don’t enjoy graphic novels, but I’m very impressed that you know Arabic,” Rhia said, in response to Paola’s explanation of the other book she was reading. “Or that you’re learning, anyway. I only speak English. Are you from Tunisia, or are you just interested in Tunisia?” The other girl’s name sounded Italian and she didn’t look how Rhiannon would imagine someone from Tunisia would look, but Rhia also did not know very much about Tunisia, other than being able to correctly place it on a map. She had memorized the placement of all the world’s countries last year as part of a geography module in the homeschool curriculum they followed.

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