Oct. 3, 2020, 7:03 p.m.

And surprised to hear this!

According to Meggi, there were a lot of related students at RMI. He guessed that made sense. Surely no school could properly match the needs of everyone (that was why he and his sisters had all been educated through tutors: even the private schools in Vladivostok did not have enough of a practical focus for what his parents thought was necessary in magical education, and they certainly didn’t have as much security as what could be guaranteed at their home) but if a school had a good enough reputation, why not send an entire family to study there? Any holes could always be made up in specialized lessons afterwards.

...In retrospect, that might also explain why there had been some level of debate between their parents on what school to send them to. He knew that his uncles had also gone to Durmstrang, and he was pretty sure his grandparents had as well, while his mother had said before that she was the first of the Kovalchuks to attend school in another country. Maybe following his mother here, instead of the longer Rojkovsky legacy, was a bigger deal than he had originally thought.

Then Meggi mentioned a name that made him lose his thoughts entirely. ”Ika?” he echoed, light brown brows furrowing in surprise. She couldn’t possibly mean Aunt Ika, right? But it wasn’t a common name, even in English. And he knew Aunt Ika had a baby boy. And she was American, and Meggi was probably also American. And despite visiting Aunt Ika a lot (or at least, ”a lot” compared to how often he got to visit anyone else who wasn’t part of his actual blood family or his parents’ more official networks) he had never actually been to her house. Normally when they met, it was when his mother took them to the zoo Ika worked at, or pet shopping like when she helped him pick out Artem. In conclusion it seemed both plausible and a far stretch, so of course he had to check. ”I have an Aunt Ika. Not a blood-aunt, but my mother’s friend from school. Her name is Ika Blackburn, are you meaning the same person?”

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