Joseph Blair

Oct. 3, 2020, 7:11 p.m.

One side, coming up

One min Joey’d been off dozin’ about the ocean, and next up there was eggs smiling at him.

He’d been slow coming down to breakers today. His roomie had shook him up ’round two in the morning cos he’d had a rager of a dream and needed to spill all the details. The way Jarrett went off anyone else hearing in woulda thought he’d dreamed up a whole new gold-winning movie in one night, not just another classic apocalypse dream about some weird disease that took over the world, but it had been right fun at the time to sit up listening as he described step by step how his dream self got laid out and had to come up with a cure while totally quarantined with only a garden gnome for company. In retro though, also known as ”that mo when his alarm fired off and set his heart jumpin”, Joey was regretting all of it.

Luckily he didn’t have any mods straight off today, so he snoozed in late and then slouched down outta Draco. He had managed to put on a tee (inside out) and even his robes (falling off his shoulder), but had stuck with shark-fin-patterned boxers and thongs instead of real shoes. With any more luck, there’d be time to dress proper before having to see any profs. And if not, ehhh. So Joey’d just claimed an empty booth, and decided to just take a short break staring out the fake train window before doing the food part of breakfast, and got a bit lost pretending the gold wavin’ prairie grass was actually blue wavin’ ocean waves, and that was how he got surprised by eggs. Oh, and Eugene, too.

”Hey Gene,” he greeted his friend, not at all bothered by the sudden physical contact. Gene was just like that sometimes. Best to roll with it. Besides, the Diner could get cool, and he didn’t have on robes or any other layers side from his sleepclothes, while Joey ran hot most days. It’d be a hard turn if he refused this role of providing extra heat to a mate in need. ”You’ve got a boyfriend? Since when?” Still waking up, scrubbibg his Eugene-free hand through his shaggy black hair, Joey’s brain slowly backstepped and he realized he’d mis-heard. ”I mean, you’re someone’s boyfriend? Same question. But I don’t get how you’re a bad one, if you’re sharin’ smiley eggs,” he pointed out, very reasonably, he thought.

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