Eugene Hardie

Oct. 18, 2020, 10:26 a.m.

This is not what I ordered

Eugene felt his face turn red and tried not to look Joey directly in the eye. “I don't have a boyfriend,” he said with haste. “I have a girlfriend - Norah. We've been dating since the opening feast - or at least - I think we have. It's all a bit murky cause she has a fiancé, but she doesn’t seem to like him very much, so even though she doesn’t want to marry me, I don’t think I need to worry too much about him swooping in and outshining me.”

Eugene was a fairly sparkly guy after all, and even if he hadn’t realised he was a boyfriend, at least he’d talked to Norah, kissed her, and like actually met her before he thought about dating her. If you asked Eugene, it sounded like Norah’s fiancé didn’t really understand relationships. They were going about everything in reverse. Eugene had seen enough films and TV shows to know that you normally met the parents after you’d been seeing the girl for a while, and it was normally only with great reluctance that you’d agree to have a meal with the people who’d reared her. What if this guy wanted to cut the cake before the wedding or walk Norah down the aisle himself??! It was enough to make Eugene’s head feel like a sinking sandcastle and he had great respect for Norah who was somehow dealing with all of that AND Eugene’s bad boyfriend behaviour without losing her temper.

Eugene tried to focus on his breakfast. He poked at his eggs and shoved some bacon in his mouth mulling over Joey’s words. Smiley eggs were pretty spectacular, but were they just friend spectacular, or would they work on girlfriends’ too? Joey was a pretty smart guy, he would know the answer. Even when Eugene didn’t know what Joey was saying (which was most of the time) he trusted that there was some sound advice hidden in all the mumbo jumbo. “I don’t think I know how to be a boyfriend. Like, what’s the difference between being friends with someone and being someone's boyfriend anyhow?”

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