Oct. 25, 2020, 4:05 p.m.

So what now, you gonna return it?

“You and Norah?” Kicking off his sandals, Joey pulled his legs up to sit more comfy cross-wise on the booth. It struck him as a bit of an oddie pair, though maybe that was just ‘cause it was odd in gen to think of him dating anyone. Like sure they weren’t little kids anymore and old enough for dating and all that jazz, but out of their year crew Gene hadn’t made the count of people he’d expect to start dating first. Honestly dating hadn’t yet really crossed Joey’s own mind as somethin’ he wanted to do himself, or somethin’ other people might wanna do with him. He might be a whopping fourteen now, but he still thought of himself sometimes as the standout wee Asian with the bowlcut, and who’d want a piece of that? No one he wanted to hang ‘round, for sure. Those’d been embarrassing times.

Oof but hey now Gene was goin’ on about how Norah wasn’t just his girlfriend but like, actually engaged. To someone else. Dating at fourteen was one thing, but wedding planning? How was that even legal? “That’s mad she’s got a fiance,” he declared, shaking his head. “You sure you wanna be caught in that mess? ‘Cause even if she’s not into the dude, well I bet he’s older--” there was no other way it made sense “--and he could try’n pull some claim. You could outshine anyone,” he reassured Eugene, while eyeing him up worriedly, “but what if her fiance decides to give you a shiner instead? Take out the comp, like?” Just ‘cause Gene played Quidditch and probably trained up a bit didn’t mean Joey had any confidence his mate would be able to fight off this mystery dude. This was a right bodgie sitch all round.

Despite the whole con of, y’know, being worried for Gene’s safety, the pro of this big news was that the previously-snoozy Joey felt eyes wide open now. Hitching his robes back up from where they’d slid over his shoulder, he sliced around an egg, scooping up the entire yellow yolk for a bite and leaving behind a one-eyed smiley. Hmm, it was missing something. “Ey, elves, can I get some avo ‘n tommy?” he called out, addressing this vaguely towards the table, and grinned when a small plate appeared. “Ta.” He stacked a few slices of tomato and avocado on his remaining egg before nudging the plate towards Gene, in case he wanted any.

Joey couldn’t imagine why he was asking his opinion on dating stuff, but then again he’d been asked opinions on a lotta stuff outside his surf zone lately, Sadie’s whole adoption thing being an ace mark of it, so he thought for a moment and tried to answer best he could. “I reckon if you’re quizzin’ yourself like this it means you’re already better than any ole dumbo who just assumes he’s topper without makin’ the effort. As for the diff…” He shrugged. “I’ve never been a boyfriend to anyone, so take it with salt, but seems to me there ain’t much difference from how you treat your mates except for the kissin’. And even that’s not a rule; some people have a snog with friends too. So if there’s no rules, as long as you decide you’re a couple, I guess that’s it?”

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