Reece Campbell

Nov. 11, 2019, 10:18 p.m.

Muster round, Dracos!

The first time Estelle had been named Head of House, it had been within her first year of teaching at RMI. At the time, she’d been in her twenties and pretty naive about the whole ‘educating youth’ business, having only freshly come off her Masters thesis defense. Now with twelve (non-consecutive) years of teaching under her belt, she was a senior member of the faculty and a whopping forty-one with a whole family in tow (when the hell had that happened?). And yet here she was, still looking after pre-teens in their lives beyond her classroom. Sigh.

At least it wasn’t Cetus, the brunette had reassured herself for the nth time while swapping children with Liam. (Theo was too big for her lap, but her husband was much more likely to succeed at tricking four-year-old Dustin into actually eating his veggies instead of mushing them in his cheek until he could spit it out somewhere unhelpful, like the pocket of her linen pants.) Her first round of Head duties lo those many years ago had been with Cetus House, and it’d been simple at the time, but since her return to RMI, Cetus had been regularly on the brink of implosion. Being Head of Draco House was, by comparison, an absolute snore, which was fine by her. No way was she trading. She was too jaded for that nonsense.

...Sorry, Aaron.

When it was time to rally the troops and Estelle had to stand up, Theo was Not Impressed by losing his seat and seemed ready to throw a fit. Thankfully, she was able to avoid a snotty mess by reminding him that kids who whinged didn’t get to accompany her to the dormitories. Theo sniffled but pulled himself together like the reasonable tiny human he was occasionally capable of being and thus, giving her husband a quick peck on the cheek, Estelle took their son by the hand and walked him over to the red fire.

“Muster ‘round, new Dracos!” the short witch called. Wandlessly, she summoned her Patronus. It was noisy in the Diner, so the students might not have heard her, but the large semi-transparent octopus unfurling its tentacles overhead would not be easily ignored. “You all listening? Good. I’m your Head of House, Professor Blair-West. Come along, and keep up.” Estelle had no worries about the first-years ‘keeping up’: Theo was a fast walker for a child, but a child nonetheless, and kept them at a slower speed down the halls. Her octopus swam lazily in the air above them as they turned a corner and halted in front of a large, three-paned window, looking out on a colourful sunset over the Rocky Mountains.

“This window is your secret entrance to Draco House,” she informed them. “The password for this month is phalanges.” (She did enjoy having the power to choose their passwords. There was never a bad time for science facts.) “What you do is speak the password, then step through the window. It will seem like you’re climbing right out into open air, but there’s a stairwell on the other side, and you just follow the stairs down into Draco House. Right then, onwards we go - phalanges!” Hoisting Theo over the windowsill, Estelle stepped over herself, and both of them vanished into the sunset.

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