Headmaster Tobias Morgan

Nov. 7, 2020, 9:07 a.m.

Secret Santa Extravaganza!

Headmaster Tobias Morgan was humming the Muggle song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” as he walked down the stairs to the Finer Diner, where students were already beginning to congregate. In mid-November, he had decided to do something extra fun: a school-wide Secret Santa. Interested students had been given a week to sign up, and then with a bit of magic, Professor Aaron McKindy had randomly assigned each student another student to get a gift for. First and second years were given special dispensation to go to Pearl Street for a limited time to get gifts, because Toby knew that his students would be on their very best behavior for such an exciting activity. There had been a two-Galleon (or ten Muggle dollar) limit on all gifts, to encourage creativity. And Toby was so excited to see what the students had come up with! They were such delightfully talented young witches and wizards.

All of the students who had signed up had been invited to attend a gathering in the Finer Diner a week before the holiday break to exchange gifts. There were holiday snacks available from all corners of the globe, served by house elves in a similar way to the Opening Feast - just with more lighting, and little snowflakes falling from the ceiling (again, courtesy of McKindy) instead of bonfires. Oh, the holidays were so delightful!

Toby himself was wearing red robes with a delightful white trim inspired by the Santa Claus myth itself, which he had been quite pleased to stumble upon on clearance in the shop that sold robes on Pearl Street just the January before. He didn’t understand how someone could pass such a delightful set of robes up, but more the luck for him that they had! He’d even had a special red wizard’s cap made, with a little white puff on the tippy-top, to match the robes.

Once he was sure that everyone who was participating was present, Toby hopped up on the dais at the front of the room, quickly amplified his voice with a charm, and began announcing how the exchange would go.

“Ho-ho-ho my wonderful students!” he began. “I’m so glad that we’re all here to celebrate the holiday cheer!” oh boy, he had rhymed! Unexpected but delightful. “Each of you have been given a person to select a gift for, but that was not the same person who was selected to give you a gift!” Toby beamed all around, in anticipation of the surprise that he was sure the students were all experiencing. “So you’ll have two hours to find the person you got a gift for, and the person who got a gift for you has two hours to find you! And you can all have a lovely chat, and have some of these wonderful cookies and cakes and goodies that our elves are here to pass around!” This was so exciting! “You can all go on and get started then! Enjoy!”

How this will work:
each student has been assigned, at random, a student to get a gift for. For extra fun, let’s do this to maximize general nonsense:

- each open post title should start with [G] if you are posting about your character preparing to give a gift,
- and [R] if you are posting about your character preparing to receive a gift.
- Write your post without specifying who the student your character is getting/giving the gift from/to is.
- General parameters are fair game (an older or younger student, someone your character knows well or doesn’t know at all) but don’t get too specific.

Good luck, have fun, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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