Darlene Knight

Nov. 7, 2020, 2:23 p.m.

[G] Holiday spirit or whatever

Darlene wasn’t sure why she was even doing this stupid secret santa thing. After all, Professor McKindy had refused to help her out by making sure to match her and Drew up to gift each other - not that she expected any difficulty with her and Kit’s plan to get Drew to fall back in love with her, but extra assurances, like being able to remind him how well she knew him with the perfect gift, could not have hurt. Once Professor McKindy took that option away from her, the gift exchange had somewhat lost its appeal to her. Stil, she was already signed up, and it would not have been fair to not participate and leave someone without a gift.

The real difficulty, despite not knowing her randomly assigned person very well, was the budget. Darlene could hardly imagine why they were being limited to two Galleons. Didn’t they want her to give her person something nice? The Lyra wasn’t sure she had ever purchased anything so cheap in her life. Perhaps her privilege tinted her view, but she preferred to use - and give - items of quality.

Still, Darlene managed to find something decent while (mostly) sticking to the price parameters, so she figured it would be okay if she only went sliiiiightly over. And part of the extra money she spent was on having it gift-wrapped, so that didn’t really count anyway. It was just a bonus, for style points. It wasn’t like you could just wrap a gift yourself - there were always people for that! Darlene definitely didn’t know how to do it herself, anyway, and she couldn’t look like a slob with a messy package. That just wouldn’t do.

The Headmaster made it sound like it would be difficult to find her person, but Darlene resisted the urge to roll her eyes. It wasn’t like the school was especially large in population, and only a percentage of those it did have were even participating. And since she had made a quiet effort to identify her person prior to now, she found it quick easy to locate them in the Finer Diner and approach. “Hi,” she greeted cheerfully, extending her arms to offer the package. “I got this for you. I hope you like it.”

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