Margaret Booth

Nov. 7, 2020, 3:10 p.m.

[R] it's a special time!

It had taken some convincing, but eventually, Maggie had gotten her mom to let her do the secret santa exchange at school. Money had gotten a little better, but Mama had gotten used to being so financially conscious. But since the limit was only two Galleons, Mama sent two Galleons and told her it was okay to use.

In the end, Maggie had only spent about one Galleon, and she was very pleased to send the rest back home. It was just a little Christmas angel ornament that she had purchased for her person, but she decided to make a drawing to go with it. Coupled with the dollar-store-type picture frame she had put the drawing in to keep it safe, Maggie thought she had done a pretty good job and hoped her person would think the same thing.

Before she had a chance to find them at the party, though, the Cetus noticed somebody walking in a direction that seemed to be approaching her, holding a gift. “Ooh, ooh, is that one for me?” Maggie squealed eagerly. She absolutely loved the holidays, and the lovely spirit of giving that they always brought with them. December was her absolute favorite month for that reason. People were just so giving and nice! Just like this person, or at least she hoped!

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