Joseph Blair

Nov. 7, 2020, 4:17 p.m.

Perfect for special footwear!

“Right as!” Joey confirmed, flashing a grin at the younger girl. He’d had to do some checking round to fig who she was - which was fair, he thought, wasn’t like they’d been in any mods together more’n a year anyways - but once he had it learned out, it was an easy pick of a gift. Maggie was the same age as his sister, and Paige might be off wild and a bit of a wacko but she was still a girl, so he’d just prepped a gift as if it was for her toned down a tad.

“Hope ya like it,” he added as he handed over the gift bag. To save on coin he’d gotten Jarrett’s help magicking a bag out of scrap paper, including some bright rainbow colourin’ so that no one could tell from a look or four that the bag used to be crap old drafts of their Rocky Voices column. To boost the holiday vibes he’d also added glitter all over, which had ever since been falling off. He wasn’t great at vanishing or cleaning charms so Joey sussed he would be tracking sparkle bits all over the halls for a while yet, but it felt good to see the excited face Maggie was pulling, so maybe it was worth it. Maybe.

Inside the bag was a pair of socks. Socks were right up there on the list of class Christmas gifts; he could play bingo every year with the range of socks Mum stuffed in his stocking (and how ironic was it they put socks in stockings ‘stead of just wearing the stockings?). The ones he’d gotten for Maggie were super fuzzy, practically sheep-like, except instead of sheep they were patterned with mini corgi dogs in sweaters. He couldn’t be sure that Maggie was a dog person, but who didn’t like corgis? He’d bought ‘em at that magic clothes store, Wicked!, so the corgis were all running laps ‘round the socks and rolling over and stuff. He coulda sworn he’d even heard barking from the bag once, but it might’ve been his imagination.

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