Nov. 7, 2020, 8:05 p.m.

The specialiest!

The way in which the boy confirmed the gift was for her was kind of weird, but Maggie was too excited to be bothered by it or really even notice. She was pretty sure his name was Joey Blair; she wasn’t great with names, but he was only a year older than her and he was related to a professor. He wasn’t in her House, though, but she couldn’t remember offhand which one he was in. So she didn’t know him very well, but they had shared classes before. Not to mention, Maggie never forgot a cute boy when she saw one.

Absolutely beaming, she eagerly accepted the gift bag he presented, sitting down the one she had for her person on the table beside her. Maggie reached into the bag and, when her fingers touched the present inside, immediately felt the incredible fluffy softness. “Oooh,” she said in awe as she pulled them.

Getting to see them in the light now, she was even more impressed. Fluffy socks were awesome, and these ones had puppies on them! Corgis, specifically, running magically across them! “Oh my gosh, I love them so much!” she exclaimed. Maggie stretched up on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek quickly, overcome with excitement. Then she dropped back flat-footed and, returned to her usual smaller size, squeezed her arms all the way around him. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

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