Wynonna Wakefield

Nov. 7, 2020, 8:59 p.m.

[G] Everywhere you--oh wait, those aren't the song lyrics!

Wyn was excited for her first Christmas at RMI. Well, she'd be going home Christmas of course (unfortunately...), but she had a feeling she'd have more fun here if she actually got to stay over the break.

Maybe she could just say that she...accidentally threw out the Portkey back home? Though Wyn wasn't sure she'd actually be able to get away with that. Besides, if she didn't go home, that meant she wouldn't see Westley again for...until his birthday, which was still like seven months away.

And not seeing Westley at every possible chance was just not an option, considering he was the only family member of hers that she actually liked--sure, she cared about her family, but that didn't mean she had to like 'em all.

It's not like Willow and Wren were gonna be home for more than a few hours--Willow just had her baby, and Wren was going to Italy with her boyfriend for Christmas. And Wyn definitely did not want to see Walt anyway. Dad probably would only hug her once and maybe ask to see her grades, and Mama would just be overbearing and try to force her into one of those stuffy, poofy dresses she always wanted her to wear for Christmas photos.

So yeah, a Christmas at RMI would probably be better, but at least seeing Wes would be worth it.

Wyn had basically been going on autopilot when she'd been shopping for her Secret Santa receiver gift. Which meant that she ended up getting something that she would have liked, and not something that everyone would have liked. It ended up being a small, plain spiral notebook--one that could change to whatever color of ink you needed (or wanted), and had a bold and italics setting--so literally perfect for taking notes.

Once again, something that Wyn needed. (She made sure to by herself one before she left the store, because she wouldn't be able to go back to Pearl Street for probably a very long time.) But she'd dressed in her favorite turtleneck and a pair of nice jeans before heading down.

The air in the Diner smells like cinnamon and gingerbread--so Christmas in a nutshell, really. She noticed the person who she was the Secret Santa for, and walked over. "Paola, right? I hope you like it!" She handed over the gift, wrapped in gold and green striped wrapping paper with a smile. "Merry Christmas!"

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