Nov. 7, 2020, 9:05 p.m.

Flattered you think so!

Outta politeness Joey’d considered offering to change the animals to not-corgis if there was another critter she’d prefer, although to be right fair there was flat odds he could wrap himself ‘round that kinda magic - spellcasting wasn’t his strong stroke even on the best of days. There was a reason he’d picked more practical mods for fourth year. His wand couldn’t backfire if he wasn’t touchin’ it to start.

Based on her girly shriek she liked the socks, though, but he didn’t really have time to process more’n that before she toed up and gave him a smack on the cheek followed by a big tight hug. Joey wasn’t the type to be offput by contact, but it was a surprise and he could feel his face heating up quick as. Not like, in a weird crushing blushing way, cause Maggie was his sister’s age and gross. But also this was makin’ it sky clear that side from age and a love of fuzzy socks she and his sister didn’t have much shared. The Blair siblings didn’t hug voluntary; the most contact they had was when Paige took to jabbin’ him hard in the ribs, always fronted with a high-pitched “Gotcha!” that made him wince early, Pavlov style.

The dark-haired boy recovered and wrapped his arms around her, returning the hug. “Welcome welcome welcome,” he repeated to match her many thanks with some amusement. “I feel socks are prime Christmas gifts, ey? Glad you like ‘em! Bit suss they might start yippin’ though, so fair warning, wear in class at your own peril,” Joey pointed out with a laugh.

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