Katherine Kendrick

Nov. 8, 2020, 9:52 a.m.

[G] Everyone's ideal gift

The Secret Santa was such a good idea and Kit was really excited that Headmaster Toby had decided for everyone to do it this year. Well, not everyone, but lots of people were getting involved and that was mega awesome. Kit also really liked that there was a limit on how much money you could spend on the gift, because that meant that everyone was getting more personalized gifts. At first, Kit wasn’t sure what to get for her Secret Santa assign-ee (because you couldn’t really call the person you were giving a gift your Secret Santa, right? But what did you call them?) but then she realized that the best thing she could really give someone was going to be something festive and creative and there was nothing more festive and creative than an angel for the top of your Christmas tree.

Since very early on at RMI, Kit had taken to creating trash sculptures. There had been a contest for that awhile ago, and now it was just something that Kit did for fun. You could find all sorts of stuff on Pearl Street! Like seriously, loads and loads of stuff. People just dropped things on the street and it was a waste except for Kit was turning it into Art which made it not a waste, but the people just dropping trash on the street couldn’t know what so technically it was a waste, which technically made them kind of bad people, but Kit didn’t usually say anything unless they were dropping really bad trash. Like cigarette butts were really bad trash because you couldn’t do Art with them without it smelling really bad, and plus if animals ate tobacco they got sick and could maybe even die (Kit didn’t know about the details of that) so she yelled at people who dropped cigarette butts when she saw it, and when she didn’t see it and just saw the trash on the ground, she would delicately remove it and put it in the trash can, making sure it didn’t touch any of the good trash.

So instead of buying a Christmas tree angel like someone who was boring and not creative, Kit had created one. It was made of all sorts of things. There were bits of paper that she had hardened with a paper mache technique, and bits of metal too that she had found (the wings were made up entirely of pop can tabs that she had glued together). There were popsicle sticks still stained from popsicles helping to provide a shape to the angel in a way that would make it easier to put her on top of the tree, and Kit had delicately folded some gum wrappers to make a really nifty little halo for the angel. It was a masterpiece, and Kit knew it was a gift that would go over well with anyone, including her Secret Santa. Er. Her Secret Santa assign-ee.

Now it was time for the Secret Santa gift exchange so she’d put on some festive leggings (Finding Nemo, but Nemo was wearing a Santa hat) and denim skort and a Minions t-shirt (like, the t-shirt looked like a Minion, all bright yellow with goggle eyes on her chest) and with her purple-sequined Converse glinting in the light at she skipped into the Finer Diner, Kit geared up for the exchange. She had no idea at all who had her as a gift partner, but she did know that she wanted to give her gift before getting one. Giving was the best part of Secret Santa after all! So even before Headmaster Toby gave them the instructions, Kit had snuck up on her secret gift partner, and just waited.

Finally after Headmaster Toby finished (it was like he thought they didn’t know what Secret Santa was or something? Headmaster Toby could be a little silly sometimes.) Kit tapped the recipient of her gift on the shoulder.

“Hi!!” she said enthusiastically. “I’m your Secret Santa! Are you ready for your gift??” It had been wrapped in recycled cardboard-y paper in a box that she’d dug out of the trash behind Lighthouse Books. The box smelled a little funny but it wasn’t wet or anything and was the perfect size, so obviously Kit hadn’t been able to pass it up!

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