Nov. 8, 2020, 10:31 a.m.

Flattered to flatter!

Maggie was a hugger. As a hugger, it never really occurred to her that maybe other people were not huggers. So, had she been less blinded by pure sock excitement, she might have found it odd how long it took Joey to start hugging her back. But she wasn’t, so she didn’t, and it all rolled off the duck’s back. That was a fun expression. Waddle, waddle, quack, quack, quack.

The realization set in a moment later that she had totally just kissed a boy. Eep! That was something she absolutely had to tell Darlene about later. The older witch had been so sad lately - she tried not to show it, but Maggie could tell - so maybe this would make her feel better!

Joey didn’t make a whole lot of sense when he kept talking, but that was okay. Maggie got the gist of it, anyway. “Oooh,” she admired. The socks might make noise? That would be cool. The closest thing she’d ever seen before were those sneakers that lit up fun colors when you walked, but she had never gotten a pair. Mama said they were too flashy and eye-catching. They weren’t exactly plain in their style when they could help it, but Mama did prefer to sort of blend in a bit.

She was still hugging him, and while Maggie liked long hugs, she decided she should probably let him go now. “Did you get your gift from your person yet?” she asked. “I still have to find my gift person” Maggie added, gesturing slightly to the bag she still had placed beside them.

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