Elliot Phippen

Nov. 29, 2020, 5:59 p.m.

Welcome, adventurers!

Elliot wanted a new hobby.

He super didn’t have time for a new hobby because he was taking eight classes in order to become The Ultimate Wizard, and then besides that he had Quidditch and Dueling Club, but none of those quite scratched the itch Elliot was having. He really just missed gaming and you couldn’t buy a substitute for that no matter how many quarters you spent at the Muggle arcade on Pearl Street.

The Aquila Common Room had board games, and once he learned them some were actually fun. Some of them were fast-paced, and winning them gave his brain a hit of dopamine or whatever chemical it was that made you feel like a badass. The problem with the Aquila Common Room was that it came with Aquilas, and Aquilas were not the best people to play board games with. Violet Rosse, for example, got all stomping mad every time she lost, and then she stayed mad as if it wasn’t just a game. That was no fun.

So Elliot was in the market for something new to try outside of, and that was when he found a Dungeons & Dragons manual under a pile of Ticket to Ride expansions in the common room. And the more he read, the more excited he got about it. Dungeons & Dragons had everything: XP, leveling up, personal quests, unlockable abilities, cool enemies, betrayal, co-op mode… all he needed were some players. Actually it would be best if he could talk someone else into DMing so that he could play, but Elliot understood this was a long game and he might have to DM until he convinced other students how fun it was before they would be willing to set a campaign up for themselves (meaning, for him).

Fully in recruitment mode, Elliot used the Doubling Charm to make a bunch of copies of a blank character sheet. The tabletop trope was that all the player characters usually met in an inn, so he went to the Finer Diner to begin his party-building.

“Hey, you wanna join my D&D campaign?” he asked the first person who sat at his table, pushing a character sheet at them. “I’m gonna make it like a magic space western and it’s gonna be really fun. You can shoot lasers out of your wand and stuff.”

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