Fernando Reyes

Dec. 16, 2020, 10:37 a.m.

Magic-Realism= Awesome

Nando was upset, actually no, not upset- he was angry. Well, not angry as much as he was butthurt. When the American Wizarding Community approached his family and told him that he was a wizard, he was ecstatic. Finally, his destiny had caught up with him and he was going to grab his magical fate by the horns and be the best goddamn wizard there was to be. But then they continued and told him he had to go to school- what?! You meant to tell him ("Mr.Reyes.") he wasn't just automatically the chosen one that inherently knew all of his magical powers or that he wasn't going to go on a quest ( *clears throat* "Mr.Reyes.") to unlock his true potential via some mysterious elder who would push some gnarled ancient artifact into his hands and demand that he brings balance back to the-


Nandos eyes shot up as he realized that he had been daydreaming in the middle of Professor Whats-their-face's lesson. Quickly he shouted "Uh-PIXIES!" which caused an abrupt course of laughter from his fellow classmates, causing the Professor's eyes to squint unapprovingly. That won him a post-class scolding and the sourest mood that he had been in since he had come to this dumb school.

Learning was dumb; doing was fun. He wished he could just be like one of his characters in the laundry list of games he had played in the past. Needing a small win, he sauntered off to the Finer Diner, hoping to drown his sorrows in whatever flavor of ice cream and sweets he could beg and plead the house-elves to give him. After acquiring a sweet chocolate and vanilla swirl sundae as well as the largest raspberry tart he could find, he sat down next to an upperclassman. Hopefully, Nando thought, since he looked older he wouldn't know about the whole Pixie-situation or at the very least wouldn't care. He quickly scarfed as much ice cream as his mouth could hold and was about to take a ginormous bite out of his pastry when the older boy pushed a familiar piece of paper in front of Nando's face, causing him to promptly choke and start a coughing fit.

“Hey, you wanna join my D&D campaign?”

Between the coughs, dry-heaving, and chest thumps he realized that the familiar piece of paper was a character sheet, identical to the ones that played back home with his friends. Suddenly reinvigorated (and able to breathe), Nando nodded his head almost too excitedly with a big grin on his face.

"Cowboy Wizards in Space sounds really cool!" He said, wiping the ice cream stains off his face with a napkin. "My name is Nando, and no I will not be your cleric no matter how much you pay me. How about a Gunslinger?" He asked smirkingly, doing a quick "Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow" with his quickly drawn double finger guns.

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