Tycho Leppit

Dec. 19, 2020, 12:25 p.m.

Neither ready nor set.

Okay, so Tycho wasn’t a baby child anymore, but he had to admit, walking into the Finer Diner filled to the brim with toys was pretty exciting. He didn’t trust Professor Blair not to inform him that all the toys were actually squid monsters or something, so he tried to keep his expectations low, but he said a quiet prayer that today’s lesson didn’t actually suck.

But lo and behold, it kinda did. Debates were fine - he wasn’t opposed to arguing, and he thought he was levelheaded enough to keep it pretty even-toned - but if he ended up having to argue the magical side, he was going to have a problem. Tycho had a fairly mixed upbringing, but Muggle toys were clearly superior. It didn’t really count as playing if the toy did all the work for you. Most toys were supposed to be fun and engaging in some way, but it didn’t take any brains at all to play with a toy that played with itself. Which sounded wrong, now that he thought about it. He mentally blamed Elliot for that thought.

He got his partner and assignment, and, ugh, of course he got the magical side. Yeah, nah. Hopefully his partner was chill and didn’t care to actually debate with him either, and then they could just scribble something down later that they would mutually agree upon. Hopefully something that included how salient Tycho’s points were. “Salient” was a thing you wanted your points to be, right? Sounded right, anyway.

Tycho shoved his hands in his pocket and turned casually to his partner. “So this is dumb,” he said, but not too loud, because - again - the squid monsters. “Wanna go claim that foosball table before somebody else does and play a few rounds? Y’know, for ‘research’?” There were no air quotes, but they were heavily implied.

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