Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

Dec. 19, 2020, 1:39 p.m.

And definitely not fighting

Dmitry had been paying attention, of course, and read the note about their changed class location in plenty of time to make it to the dining hall early. A part of him had been hoping he might be able to get a snack before class started - he had overslept today, and was only able to get a small breakfast before hurrying to his first round of classes - but to his great surprise, the normal tables were all rearranged and full of… toys? Walking past one table on his way in, he looked at the plush bears stacked on top with a small frown. This was strange.

Stranger still was the announcement that all they were doing in class today was talking, and not even about a topic of their choice. Professor Blair told him to argue the pro-Muggle position, which prompted another frown once her back was turned. It felt like she was challenging him, though that might have been unfair; having had very little interaction with her this year, he had no idea if it was just a casual decision on her part or actually targeting him somehow. Regardless, it was a wasted effort on her part. Magical toys were obviously an advancement compared to their boring Muggle counterparts.

He glanced up at his partner, an older student named Tycho whom he hadn’t properly met before. He was also a Chaser and they had run up against each other at Quidditch matches, but that was the extent of their interactions. “Da,” he agreed with a nod, turning to look at the table Tycho had pointed out. Dmitry had no idea what fuse-ball was, but that meant it was probably Muggle, so it couldn’t be too hard to figure out. “Okay, we can do zhat. To play even a Muggle game would be better than to argue something so… obvious.” Since they were clearly on the same side, he felt no qualms about rolling his eyes as they went to the fuse-ball table. “How do we start?”

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