Dec. 19, 2020, 1:54 p.m.

I'd have an unfair advantage

Okay, so Tycho was paired up with this dumpy first year with a Russian accent, so that was going to make it a little more difficult to goof around and blow off the lesson. Although the kid was cool with it, being the older person, Tycho was probably going to have to do most of the B.S.ing for their paragraph to turn in at the end. Whatever, still better than actually debating something he didn’t agree with. Or - if he had to venture a guess - something this kid (Dmitry, he thought his name was?) didn’t agree with either. Muggles didn’t send their kids across the seas when there were schools in their countries. And saying even a Muggle game” didn’t win Dmitry any favors, either.

It only occurred to them when they arrived at the foosball table that he was absolutely going to have to explain the whole game to him. Damn. Tycho had no idea what English words Dmitry would understand, so he just did his best to explain as clearly as he could, kinda like if he was explaining something to his brother. Of course, Lysander was, like, three, but it was the only thing he had to pull from.

“Okay, so we each have these little knobs,” he explained, rotating one to show how it connected to his players on the table. “We want to spin them around so that their feet will hit the ball. The goal is to score points in the other person’s goal. So I want to get the ball here,” he pointed to the goal Dmitry’s players defended, “and you want to stop me. You want to get the ball here,” he continued, pointing to the other end, “and I want to stop you. It’s kinda like soccer, if you’re familiar with that at all, except that the players can’t run around. They can only move side to side and spin to kick.” He demonstrated these actions as he explained them.

“As you can see, you’ve got four rows, including the one guy who protects the goal. Um, he’s like the Keeper,” Tycho elaborated, remembering that Dmitry was on one of the other House’s Quidditch teams. “But since you’ve only got two hands, you have to figure out which ones you need to be moving based on where the ball is. Does all that make sense?”

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