Jason Fitz

Dec. 19, 2020, 7:56 p.m.

Put yer dukes up

Cultural Studies wasn’t being held in any of the usual places today which Jace knew, but which he’d put a Sickle on other people not knowing, including his own brother, so he’d showed up at the Lecture Hall a bit early and consequently ended up herding a handful of first years, Jake, and (much to Jace’s surprise) Avi Koprowski, who was usually pretty good at paying attention to where things like classes were. The kid was the kind of smart that pissed both Fitz twins off though so it might’ve been something like divine intervention that meant the group got to the Finer Diner without a fight breaking loose. As it turned out that was apparently kinda pointless since what Professor Blair wanted them to do was fight anyway. Like not with their fists fine, but Jace knew that Jake was best at this sort of doing things, making arguments type lesson and Avi was not. If the younger boy hadn’t been crazy annoying Jace might’ve felt sorry for him when he got paired off with Jake but as things were Jace was just glad it wasn’t him.

When Professor Blair paired Jace off, it was with someone he didn’t usually work with. That was probably the point but Jace wouldn’t’ve minded working with someone he knew he liked on this project. It seemed like it was either going to be super crappy or super fun, and working with Dea or someone would’ve upped the odds of fun. Now it was all up in the air. Cool cool cool.

“Let’s grab a table and then start arguing,” Jace said with a shrug. He kind of indiscriminately walked to one without taking the longest look at what was on it. Immediately upon getting there, he shrugged off his robes which had been layered over a Daredevil t-shirt (hey, nobody said a guy couldn’t play both sides) and Jace’s customary khaki shorts. Then he flopped down at the table and looked at what was on it: a pair of Russian nesting dolls. Alright, maybe he regretted not paying more attention, but by this point everyone had either sat down or was aiming at a table and welp they were just screwed weren’t they. Whatever.

“So I’m a pureblood snob and I really dig these nesting doll things,” Jace picked the one closest to him up and turned it upside-down. “I guess one of these is magical, yeah? D’you know how to tell?”

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